The new autobiography “Web designing"

Do you remember in your childhood years when you were still so young, probably from 10-15 years old? Your friends want to get information about you and then she/he will give a notebook that has specific details that you need to answer. Before it was called Autobiography, but now because of the modernization the autobiography you known before became more advance and digital. Facebook, Friendster, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.  These are the modern autobiography now a days before it only needs a notebook but now modern autobiography needs to get through by Web designing.

First, what is web? The Web is a component of a hypertext system that connects you to the internet. That’s called the Website and it needs to be designed, and that is Web design. Just like in advertising the product, you should have a design to convince an audience and customers. Same goes in Web designing you need to be meticulous and creative at the same time.

To learn how to web design, you should know the different software programs you need to use in making a web design.

HTML is recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium, a technology use to make web pages, also use for web application and mobile. HTML best in a website semantically it means the information will be defined the meaning perfectly because it can link to other website or browsers.  To have a better engaged between computers and people cooperation.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)-  it is a presentation of a certain document that is written by a mark-up language and that’s why it’s describes as a style sheet language. CSS main priority is the document presentation need to separate the document content, in addition, the colors, fonts, and layouts. The purpose why the documents need to separate is to improve the content of devices, a design of the product, services and people who experience disabilities from the environments.

CSS Selectors- the major purpose is to select the elements you want to style and it’s a pattern.

HTML forms- use to have interaction between a website or application and a user. It helps the user to send a data to the website. Web server is the one who receive the data however the web page can also

HTML tables- it uses to arrange the data, preformatted text, links, form field, image, and tables into columns and rows of cells. Every table might have a corresponding caption to a short description for the table purposes.

CSS Layout Basic- you need to use the code “div” tags if you want your table to appear on a page anywhere.

Responsive Web design- it uses to allow the web pages desktop to see the current size of the device to the user who view it.

If it’s really hard for you to understand and you don’t have time study how to make your own website. There is web design service who can help you and that is