4 Point Checklist: Things to Consider When Creating a Web Design

1. First on this list is that you need to determine what your purpose is in creating a website maybe your purpose is to increase your sales if you are in the retail business or maybe in the service provider field, or maybe brand awareness or maybe to support a store launching or a brand launching though it will still be under brand awareness. So you need to know what your purpose is in creating a website so that you will also be able to determine your market, target market and how to target them or how to get their attention.

2. Next is the compatibility factor of your website, this compatibility thing for your website does not only refer to the compatibility for all types of devices that can access the internet or your website but as well as in the sense of compatibility issues with browsers that most people use now a day. You need to check those types of compatibility issues because you do not want to lose visitors just because of compatibility issues because nothing more frustrating when you call technical support because you can’t completely view a page and then the rep on the other line would tell you that it is because you are using an incompatible browser for the website, you just literally waste your time waiting for a rep on the other line and then being told that it is your fault because you are not using a compatible browser. That is not a good customer experience, you would just make your customer feel down or worst out of place because what if that is the only browser your customer have, yes tech reps can do something about it like remotely control your customer’s pc and install another browser but keep in mind that that is already an out of scope issue, that is already an extra mile gesture of a technical support. Also, keep in mind that not everyone has enough time to deal with tech issues unless they are your loyal customers, but how about your possible customers, that is why you need to consider compatibility tests for your website.

3. Another thing that you need to consider when you are creating a web design is that you need to make sure that there would be a quicker response time or loading time, the shorter the time that your visitor will wait for your website to load, the better. Again, not everyone has enough time to wait for a new website that they just encounter would be willing to wait to completely load, that is mostly the reason why visitors will immediately exit out from your website. If in the event that you are having problems with this or any other web design issue then you can definitely ask someone www.website-rescuers.com.au for some help.

4. One of the most important things that you also need to consider the security measures that you need to have on your site, especially when you are in a business where you will have your customers paying through your website. This security will not only be for your customers but as well as for your website itself because due to tight competition there are other websites that were already closed down because of security issues.